Sexy reject pencil drawing


sexy reject pencil picture


Super Mario-n


Last night I was looking through one of those sexy costume websites to find any cheap looking pin-up photos that I could draw from, and there were the usual desirable fantasies – nun, schoolgirl, policewoman… Super Mario. That’s got to be an awkward moment when your lover opens up her valentines day gift expecting some sexy lingerie, only to find that you’d consider her more attractive if she was dressed as an Italian plumber with a moustache. Princess Daisy I could understand, but Mario? They even had another Luigi version, as though Mario isn’t your type, you don’t find him sexy, but Luigi, now he’s hot. The model did her best to look alluring, and to be fair she would’ve still been gorgeous even if she was dressed as Bowser, however I think that if you’re with a woman like that and you’d rather she resembled a chubby workman with facial hair then you should probably end the relationship right there.
sexy girl super mario costume